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Next Step Up
Heavy, The Return Of

Label : Gain Ground Records
Format : CD
Date : 1997-12-12

Next Step Up began as an idea in the heads of founders Mike Ayres and Aaron Martinek back in 1990. The idea was to create a band that was a step up from all of the other underground band around at the time. This concept of striving to produce the most intense music with the most powerful lyrics, was a concept that took on a life of its own. Next Step Up has been thru a myriad of changes since Mike and Aaron's high school days, but the spirit of the band never changed. Next Step Up made the transition from a band to a concept; a refusal to give in to what was popular at the time, a dedication to truth and rage in musical form, and an undying faith in the spirit of hardcore that they bring us this special re-release of Next Step Up's first album, "Heavy". They have decided to include selected bonus tracks from various live concerts and out takes from the first demo tape, "Passive Aggression". This re-release is intended as a tribute to all the members of Next Step Up past and present and to all of the dedicated fans world wide.
Tracks 1-8 from "Heavy" the 12" recorded late 1991. Tracks 9-12 from "passive aggression" the demo recorded in early 1991.
Covers of Cro-Mags (life of my own) and The 4 Skins (Chaos)


1. Fake identity
2. Vendetta
3. L.A. story
4. Sea of hate
5. Heavy
6. Blood stained eyes
7. No remorse
8. Jack's song
9. Cursors of the light 92
10. Karma
11. Intro / World build on hate
12. In our world
13. Ashes to ashes (live in nyc)
14. Life of my own (live in Belgium)
15. Chaos (live in Germany)
16. In our world... (live in DC)

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next step up ''heavy, the return of'' | Gain Ground records

------next step up
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