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ALEA JACTA EST ''demo 2007'' | S/p records

alea jacta est ALEA JACTA EST
"Demo 2007" (mcd)

Added: 2008-02-10
Label: selfproduced stuff

 Rating: 2.4/5 (20 votes)

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Alea Jacta Est, the die is cast, i guess for the good in this new harcore metal outfit from Toulouse, France. A 3 tracks demo and we can already see talent even if it hadn't fully blossom yet. They got it, the recipe to make you headbang, the groove to get you bootyshake. I heard the drummer could play like the cd's drum-machine (bobby ?), i guess the band live isn't disappointing at all. A cool record, a band you should def keep an eye on.
by xpierrex


1. Intro
2. Today Friends, Tomorrow Enemies
3. Thirst Of Revenge

Alea Jacta Est"Split cd 2008"
  Label : S/p records

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Country : France

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