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  Eventide ''one word title'' | Smorgasbord records
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Purgatory  (France)
Kobayes  (France)
Emmure  (U S A)
Esprit Du Clan  (France)
Intohimo  (Sweden)
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Xsisterhoodx  (2669)
Generatornow  (2243)
No Brain No...  (2454)
I Am No Hero  (2100)
Outlaw Media  (3784)
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UNITYHXC.COM | Webzine : Troublezine Dot It


TroublEzine was born in 2003 from the sick brains of three young kids livin' in the North of Italy. The aim was to talk about punk music and to grow the awareness of a bubbling Italian scene. After some changes in our line up and a couple of years of rising from the ranks, we've become more and more reknown all over our country. Nowadays Troublezine not only deals with punk rock music, but also looks after hardcore, metalcore, emo, skacore, indie, whatever. We're always looking for new collaborations in order to be as complete as possibile, both as far as the Italian and the international scenes are concerned. Are we ready to conquer your attention yet? WWW.TROUBLEZINE.IT
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