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Hardcore Punk webzine from the Czech republic (news, reviews, interviews, articles, photos, gigs,...
(Czech Republic)
Holding True 
HOLDINGTRUE bandung city hardcore webzine reviews CD + Gigs, interviews with band, booking...
[3443] - Stream and download, music, videos, movies, and we have more results than any...
(U S A)
French punk/rock/hardcore/m
Punk-Hardcore-Metal webzine from Switzerland. Punk, Hardcore, Metal in Switzerland, Booking, Live...
Punks Dot Ru 
Russian punk/hardcore webzine + distro
Louisville Hardcore 
The hardcore scene in Louisville, bands, flyers archive etc...
(U S A)
Grindcore Dot Com 
Grindcore Dot Com Grindcore | Hardcore | Crust Punk | Death Metal magazine/community Pummeling...
(U S A)
Outlaw Media 
a new E-Zine in Germany for Hardcore and Metalcore. With our own Webdesign, promotion, Hostin an...
Music Hunter 
E-Zine for Hardcore, Metalcore, Punkrock, Streetcore, Oi and SKA.
Argentina Hardcore 
Argentina hardcore scene
Metal Underground 
Huge metal webzine featuring more 800 links, 4600 bands profiles...
(U S A)
Join The Pit 
Huge Belgian hardcore community.
Site de l'emission de m
Pittsburg Hardcore 
All about the Pittsburg hardcore scene; bands, promoters, venues, links ....
(U S A)
Join The Pit 
A place where underground music is kept alive! Concert pictures and community. Really good website...
Hardcore Punks Dot Net 
French webzine dedicated to bands'pics
Nothing But A Beatdown 
The first french webzine/distro dedicated to beatdown/tuff hardcore.
Make Some Noise 
South Africa hardcore website
(South Africa)
Hardcore And Punk Live Shots 
Site avec plein de photos des concerts hardcore, punk, metal, oi! et ska. Le plus gros web en...
new international board for hardcore bootlegs and other stuff
Shoot Me Again 
Webzine hxc metal francophone.
With Love The Underground 
European Fanzine dedicated to hardcore. Weekly updates and also cd rom mag that comes out every...
Nyhardcore Starttopper Nl 
some words about it
Strength Unity 
D.I.Y hardcore webzine from 59-62-belgium
Troublezine Dot It 
TroublEzine was born in 2003 from the sick brains of three young kids livin' in the North of Italy....
Fomp Dot De - The Forward Thinking Youth 
Daily updated german eZine about Punkrock, Hardcore, Indie and Metal. Since 2001.
Take My Breath Away 
cool fanzine! sur le punk, le hardcore, le dub...
The online resources for Hardcore, Metal and Punk. Malaysian based webzine!
Mission Hate Crew 
Mission Hate Crew, the hardcore zine from Guadalajara Mexico. Unity!! Message Board, Polls, Bands,...
Fire Alive Extreme Webzine 
Fire Alive extreme're welcome in the ultimate support of the scene!!
Brontak Zine 
From Indonesia webzine with review from metal, hardcore, emo, punk and underground scene.
Hxc Peru Tu Punto De Apoyo 
Limoges Hardcore 
About Limoges metal hardcore scene, news, past and upcoming shows, mp3, videos, venues, gallery....
Hard Core Dot Pl 
The biggest hardcore/punk vortal in Poland.
Patatrash Website 
Site de l'
Laredo Hardcore 
Laredo Texas Hardcore
(U S A)
Cheeses Cats And Herbs 
Cool UK webzine with bunch of informations on the UK scene:...
(U K)
Sanctuary Mosh 
We decided to build this website because we came across many people taping shows, but there is...
Hardcoremusic Dot Com 
Since 98, US hxc website with interviews, show reviews, dvd and music reviews, an active board,...
(U S A)
Webzine de punk, m
Scheef Edge 
Belgian based punk/hardcore paper & webzine. Reviews, interviews, videos, ...
Inside Knowledge Hardcore Punk-zine 
Daily updated zine as suport of the magazine!
Positive Crew Agency 
Booking Agency, Webzine and Distro from the Sardinia (italy)
Puerto Rico Hardcore Ezine 
''Like Hardcore scene must be...'' Website of Puerto Rico Hardcore Scene:PRxHC
(Puerto Rico)
How Is Your Edge 
One of the biggest straight edge webzine ! you can find lot of straight edge stuff : awesome shirts...
(U S A)
Texas Hardcore 
All about the TEXAS Hardcore scene : bands, shows, mp3, videos, flyers, interviews, cd reviews,...
(U S A)
Nawak Posse 
Webzine de M
Rive Nord Rock Radio 
Patatorz Web Zone 2 
Hardcore and metal webzine with live reports, reviews, photos. An online radio which broadcast some...
straightedge and hardcore site for the ladies
(U S A)
Boston Beatdown 
The Boston hardcore scene, merch, photos, board, bands clips and the famous Boston Beatdown DVD'S...
(U S A)
Europeanhardcore is a place to share your hardcore related videos! everbody can download...
Peru Straight Edge 
Lima Hardcore 
the Lima (Peru) hardcore scene !!! great site with history the Peru Hardcore scene, bands, flyers,...
Beyond Da Wall Of Pain 
site d
Save Your Scene 
Great webzine from Italia - Old&New School HC, Metal, Indierock, Punkrock, Emo, Screamo. News....
Roma Hardcore 
The Roma hardcore scene - bands, shows, mp3s, videos - if you go to Roma, you have to check it out...
Groupes & concerts amateurs de la r
Normandy Metal Online 
le metal sur la r
Salt Lake City Hardcore -- Shows @ SLC - pictures - board - links - by Scott
(U S A)
Feast Of Hate And Fear 
Travelogues and printed pranks. Strange articles and our dark archives. Music reviews, outlandish...
(U S A)
Avopolis Core 
Representing the hardcore spirit to da Greece! Stay true - stay united!
Pachoca Concerts Punk Hardcore Ska 
some words about it
Comprehensive coverage and exposure for all forms of extreme/underground music, including metal,...
(U S A)
The Schalltot Collective 
collective operating out of Luxembourg...aims are: promoting local and foreign bands through...
North Pack 
new webzine from Antwerp !!!!
I Am No Hero 
music webzine and distro
(U S A)
Raised By The Core 
comme check us out!!!leave your comment in our guestbook and let us know what you think about...
Bleeding Mascara 
USA PUNK, EMO, SCREAMO, and HARDCORE homesite by a girl ;-) check it out !
(U S A)
The Underground 
A site about hardcore/punk/metal with a lot of bio's, reviews, interviews, mp3's, ... Check it out !
hardcore-indie-emo-grind-metalcore-etc shows, reviews, interviews, etc... for the north-eastern...
(U S A)
Into The Core 
Webzine belge : Beaucoup de vid
Hardtimes Zines  
hardcore / punk / zine / Chile !!!! by Mauricio
site francais straight-edge x FAQ Straight Edge x x Histoire de la musique Hardcore x x...
[1216] is a web directory with all kind of extreme metal flavors from Hardcore to Black...
Chicago Hardcore 
The Chicago Hardcore Community - pix - links - mp3 - reviews - news
(U S A)
underground portal
Webzine metal au sens large du terme ( Heavy,Thrash,Death,Black,Doom,HxC,Neo,Stoner,Prog,Indus et...
belgium hardcore ezine
Belgian Hc ezine
Pheer Dot Com 
great webzines from usa - lot of medias : mp3 , videos .
(U S A)
Punk Hardcore Emo 
French Metal 
Bienvenue dans l'annuaire du Metal Fran
Keep On Playing 
The website of my punk/ hardcore paper fanzine is now online! Keep on Playing #4 will comes out...
Get In Da Pit 
Best hxc-Metal newsletter ever!!! Read It Or Die!!!
The Scene  
the scene ( tons of live pix )enjoy the pix and ckeep coming back for more !
Take The Bullet 
New Belgian hardcore- and punkzine, packed with amazing pics and loads of interviews, bringing you...
Bdz Tttf 
finnish hardcore zine, link portal, graffiti board, picture gallery etc.... people die !!! !!!
Furyfanzine Dot Com 
UK webzine and resource for unsigned bands.
(U K)
No Brain No Headache 
promoting the belgian punk / hxc scene in waasland !!!
Omnipotence Web Zine 
The Barcelona Web Zine, all you need for stay tuned of what's up and where're the shows in Da city...
The website of the underground community of Lyon's City
Wasteland Zine 
Wasteland is a web zine (and sometimes a print zine) which features hardcore, punk and metal bands...
(U S A)
Noise Academy 
ska metal punk hxc zine - Noise Academy est une association
Sandiego Hardcore 
I leave this space open to hardcore'', what evolves around it in the San Diego ''scene'' and around...
(U S A)
The Scene 
tons of live pics from lyon's best underground rock venues !
Zine hxc emo avec chroniques mensuels,interviews,show report, photos et r
H.f.f.k - Annuary Of Metal And Punk Music 
This website contains more than 150 bands with lyrics, pictures, news, discographies.... With more...
european spiritfilled hardcore e-zine
Webzine m
Fracture Fanzine 
english free fanzine - here s the website : itrw, reviews, forum, links ,gig guide ....
(U K)
Un site orient
great spanish hxc webzine - distro section with shirts etc...
Still Holding On Hc Punk Hq 
The European hardcore/punk resource website.
(U K)
Le Commando 
english webzine with a lot of videos, mp3s, reviews, interviews, lyrics, vegan...and so on!!! DAILY...
E Mct Zine Belial 
E=MCt zine: free HC/metal/grind zine outta the U.K. Belial: UKHC yoot kru
(U K)
Mönchengladbach Hardcore Site 
Hey everybody. My site is about Hardcore in MG and worldwide. Visit it for latest news , show...
Bushmado Webzine And Webradio 
over 700 show pics,plus live radio,mp3s,interviews,reviews,articles,news,features,lots of...
(U S A)
a none tecnical H8000 bazed HARDcore ezine nuff' said ... expect the thingz to come... $$$ 696...
In Your Face 
hardcore and punk webzine from germany
Guerrilla Warfare Video Fanzine 
GUERRILLA WARFARE VIDEO FANZINE - 1st issue is a Special North Jersey Hardcore Edition featuring NJ...
(U S A)
hardcore/metal/emo webzine with a huge picture archive and the following sections: NEWS, SHOWS,...
(U S A)
Helldriver Magazine 
german hardcore website - interviews, mp3's, pix, columms, reviews ....
District Productions 
Some of you should ask why they're finding so different activities in this website. Maybe some of...
Nosebleed 17 
I started this webpage as a small little project in November of 1999 to help promote underground...
(U S A)
The Hardcore Crow 
The Belgian portal to HardCore: bands, concerts, labels, fanzines, and lots more...
Into - Obscurity 
An online zine dedicated to all forms of metal, hardcore, punk, indie, emo and any other forms of...
(U S A)
Fury Of Hxc 
hxc grind
Bright Idea 
opinion website. Featuring the top ten hardcore albums of all time.
(U S A)
Walked In Line 
excellent webzine , regulierement updat
Still Strong 
webzine consacr
Persistencia Records 
Puerto Rico Hardcore 
this site is for hardcore and punk bands of Puerto Rico.
(Puerto Rico)
Stand Up 
French hxc zine & online zine...#1 out now...hi SuperRomu
Bleeding Heroes 
Webzine from Rennes - hxc,emocore,metal - cd s reviews...
Site de l association Subsociety, diffusion cd s hardcore, punk, ska, o
Hardcore In Saxony 
the Hardcore scene in Saxony
World Wide Punk 
Since 1995 , a bunch of informations.
(U S A)
Reviews, pics, interviews , regularly updated. Several issues available.
(U S A)
Dark Time 
An extreme music site dedicated to underground HC and metal.
(U S A)
Wmtd Zine 
Excellent Hxc webzine from Holland.
Spanish online hxc zine, lot of info
Kafka Ezine 
A lot of interviews of people involving in the scene.
Stage Dive 
A very good e-zine, lot of info,great webdesign from Swiss.
Reviews + links + mp3s...great site from Canada.
Hardcore Times 
Webzine from Ireland : interviews, news, listings, reviews, views, etc...
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