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Out To Win  (U S A)
Covenant  (France)
Inner Dam  (U S A)
Seeking For Salvation  (France)
Hardflip  (Germany)
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Boston Beatdown  (2444)
Le Commando  (1941)
The Scene  (1981)
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H.f.f.k -...  (1881)
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100 Demons - Brutal hardcore from Connecticut
108 -
1984 - Metalcore
25 Ta Life - NY Hardcore legend
4 In Tha Chamber - NYHC with hip hop influences
43 Urban - Beatdown hardcore from Kobe
50 Caliber - London Metallic Hardcore - LBU style
8 Control -

A Perfect Murder - Metalcore from Montreal
Abel Is Dying - Metallic hxc
Ach - Paris powerviolence
Actions Fall Short - Old school hardcore baby
Ad Arma - Norway edge metal
After The Fall -
Age Of Disgrace - Tough guy hardcore
Age Of Ruin - Awesome epic metallic hxc from DC
All Is Lost - Chicago heaviest hardcore band dood !!!
Among The Living - Brutal moshcore from holland
Another Day - Spanish metal hardcore
Arise Of Judgement - Edge metallic hardcore
As Rancor Rises - New metallic hardcore band straight out of Paris
As We Fight - Great metallic with emo parts from Danemark
At Hopes End - Great metallic hardcore (ex NineSixNine)

Backsight - Melodic old school hardcore
Battling Siki - KLC hardcore
Bazooka - Devastating thugged out mouflon hxc from Caen
Bleeding Heart - Finlands hardest - 31 hardcore
Blood Is The Harvest - Poland Hardcore
Bloodlet -
Bloodshot -
Bloodstain - Heavy metalcore from Turin
Bloodties - Texas Metal Hardcore
Bored To Death - All school hardcore from Paris
Break It Up - Old school hardcore with members of Voorhees
Brightside -
Bring It On - Baltimore hardcore
Broken Oath - Metallic hxc with female vocal !!!
By My Hands - Glasgow metalcore
By Virtue Alone -

Callisto - Awesome band from Finland
Canaan - Vegan xxx metallic hardcore
Cast Aside - Richmond straight-edge hardcore
Caught In A Trap - Nyhc
Cease To Exist - Great beatdown hardcore
Change The World -
Cheech - Old school hardcore from Boston baby
Cherem - Vegan metallic hardcore
Cipher -
Comun Y Corriente -
Convent - Toulouse hardcore
Count To React - Paris hardcore
Covenant - Paris hardcore
Coverhate - Brutal hardcore from Belgium
Crisis Never Ends - Brutal metallic hardcore
Crowley S Passion - Metallic hardcore
Crystal Lake - Metallic hardcore

Dark Day Dungeon - Emo metallic hardcore
Dawn Of Orion - Metallic hardcore
Dawn Of War -
Days Of Decline - French brutal hardcore
Days Of Discord - Paris hardcore
Dead By Dawn - Brutal hardcore from Holland
Dead Man Walking - Melodic pissed-off old school hardcore
Deadlock - Great epic metalcore
Deadsoil - Metalcore with x-members of Copykill, 6Reasons2Kill...
Defdump -
Die My Will - Newschool hardcore
Die Young - Texas hardcore
Dis Youth Army - Paris trashcore mouflon !!!!
Diseptikons - Sacramento hardcore (rip)
Disturb - Marseille hardcore pusher
Divine - Paris crooner metal hardcore
Doggystyle - Metal hardcore from Caen
Down For Life - Excellent chaotic hardcore from France
Dropkick Murphys - Boston kings
Drowning - Paris deathcore

Embers - Emotionnal metallic hxc
Embrace Today -
Emmure -
End Begins - Brutal heavy hardcore from Finland
End Of One - Metallic hardcore from NYC
Es La Guerilla - Hardcore / stoner from Paris
Esprit Du Clan - Paris hardcore
Eviscerate A D - Thug core from UK
Exinferis - Mayhem hardcore from Luxembourg
Exit Wounds - Melbourne Metalcore
Explicit Silence - Brutal hardcore from St Lo

Fall Silent - Reno hardcore
Fat Society - Brutal cassoulet hardcore from Toulouse
Field Of Hate - Brutal hardcore from Nummela
Fight Everyone - Los angeles straight-edge hardcore
Final Fight - Old school hardcore from South Bay, CA
Final Stand - Thugcore from Clearfield PA (rip)
Firestorm - 59 hardcore
First Base - Royal Town hardcore
Fit Of Anger - New york hardcore
For The Real - Nantes Hardcore
Forever Means Goodbye - Ex Final Stand
Fragment -
Freebase - Uk hardcore at its best
From My Hands - German metalcore
Frontal - Brasil metalcore
Ftx - Old school Hardcore from nevers
Full Blown Chaos - Brutal heavy hardcore
Full Court Press - Hardcore influenced hiphop

General Lee - Screamo rock
God S Heritage - Metallic 168 hardcore from Japan
Grimlock - Brutal hardcore at its best

Hands Upon Salvation - Metallic hardcore from Indonesia
Hard Response -
Hardflip - Brutal hardcore from Germany
Hell Burns Away - Caen Hardcore
Hold True - Old school hardcore
Holdstrong -
Hoods - Sacramento hxc

Ill Blood - Sweden hardcore
In Blood We Trust - German heavy beatdown Hardcore
In Dying Days - Passionate hardcore from QC
In Greed - Paris hardcore
Indust - Toulon brutal hardcore
Inhatred - Chaotic emo violence from Paris
Inner Dam -
Inside Conflict - Deathcore from Poitiers
Intohimo - Screamo from sweden
Isolated - Punk hardcore


Kafka -
Killed By Memories - Brutal hardcore from NJ
King Ly Chee -
Kobayes - Ska punk hardcore

Last Day Dying - Melodic 'indie' metalcore from Pennsylvania
Last To Remain - Norway beatdown
Lawrencio - Iquique Hardcore at its best
Leeway -
Liar - H8000 hardcore heroes
Life Or Death - Fallbrook hardcore
Lost In Battle - Hardcore metal emo from Bordeaux
Love Hope And Fear - Great hardcore band from California
Lovebreed - Breizh saumon imperial metalcore
Luca Brasi - German hardcore

Madball - A young and promising nyhc band :-)
Merauder - Metal New-York hardcore
Monsieur Po - Metallic hardcore from Paris
Mort - German metalcore assault
Most High Game - Brutal heavy hardcore
Myproof - Excellent emo metallic hardcore from Japan

Negative Approach - Detroit Hardcore legend
Nehemiah -
Neshamah - South Africa rockin hardcore
Never Face Defeat - NY hardcore with Metal hints
No Grace - Australia hardcore
No Guts No Glory - Valence OxS
No Heaven Awaits Us -
None Shall Be Saved - Oldschool to newschool hxc from Marseille
None Shall Be Saved - Marseille hardcore
Norte Cartel - NYHC from Brasil with Confronto members
Nostradamus 0014 - Paris chaotic hardcore

Off My Chest - Hardcore from Holland
On Our Own - South Florida hardcore
One Last Sin -
One More Attempt - Emotional hardcore from Huy
One Outta Six - Thug guy hardcore from Belgium
One Second Thought - Queens murda hardcore style
One Shot Eye - Metal hardcore
One Shot Eye - Poland metalcore
Onfall - Vegan straight-edge metalcore
Only Attitude Count - Vienna Style represent
Out To Win - BFL hxc

Pacto De Sangre - Metal Beatdown
Palehorse - Connecticut hardcore
Pete Mosh - Funny thugcore from Germany
Portrayal Of Vengeance - Heavy hardcore from Melbourne
Pound For Pound -
Proclamation -
Protest - Metalcore from Le Mans
Proudz - Great NYHC from Madrid !!!!!!
Providence - Heavy hardcore outta Paris
Punch The Klown - Boston hardcore
Punch Your Face - NY thug core at its best !!!!
Purgatory - Brutal metallic hardcore from Limoges
Purified In Blood - Vegan straight-edge metallic hardcore at its best

Questions - Sao Paulo hardcore

R C K - Paris thugcore
Recourse - Metalcore heroes from Grasonville (ex Decline)
Red Blood Hands - Newschool hardcore from Italy
Redline - New Jersey Metalcore at its finest
Reprisal - Edge metallic hardcore
Restraint - Malaysia tough hardcore
Retaliate - Beatdown deathcore outta Ypres
Rise And Fall - Great brutal old school hardcore
Ruiner - Baltimore hardcore

Saber Tooth - Brutal oldschool hardcore from Ch
Second Combat - Old school hardcore
Seeking For Salvation - Metallic hardcore from Paris
Sequoia - Perpignan emo metalcore
Set It Straight -
Settle The Score -
Sever -
Severcore -
Shattered Realm - Awesome tough hardcore from NJ
Short Fused - Nyhc from Holland
Shortage - Metallic hardcore from Berlin
Silence After Tragedy - Metal from Florida
Slavery - Paris chaotic hxc
Slumlords - Baltimore "all star" Hardcore band
Special Move - Brutal Essex Hardcore
St Hood - Heavy groovy metallic hardcore from Finland
Stab Back - Dutch brutal metalcore from Brabant
Start Of The End - Deathcore from Cambrai
Stillrise - Metal hardcore from grenoble
Strain - Vancouver hardcore
Stubborn -
Subterfuge - Heavy old school hxc from LI

Talion - Paris hatecore with members of Providence
Tang - Intense emo hardcore from Lille
Tears In Vain - Metalcore from Paris
Tension - They re back, stronger than ever
The Blinding Light -
The Blue Bloods - Boston punk rock
The Cold Within -
The Dawn - Scary chaotic metalcore from Marseille
The Last Day Of Icarus - Emo rockin hardcore from Rouen
The Process -
The Year Of Our Lord - Boston mettttaaalllll
These Are The Days -
Through The Discipline -
Time Has Come - Old school hardcore from Ohio
To Kill - Italian straight-edge moshcore
Tyrant - Detroit straight-edge hardcore

Ultimhate - Rennes brutal moshcore
Unbreakable - Brutal hardcore from Norway
Unusual - Passionate newschool metalhxc straight out of Brussels
Up Front - Old hardcore kings with Jeff Smorgasbord records on bass
Upperhand - Metal hardcore

Verse - Providence hardcore
Vile - Emo metal hardcore from Paris
Villanova Junction - Chaotic hardcore from Rouen

Waiting For Better Days -
Wall Of Jericho -
Weight Of The Crown - Brutal hardcore from PA
Where It Ends - Excellent brutal old school from SC
Worth The Pain - Brutal hxc from Lappeenranta

X - Possibles - Pirate chaos punk rock n roll from NYC

Yage - Emo pop de luxe

Zero District -


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