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  Another Nothing ''new breed'' | Chord records
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» Hard moshing

Restraint  (Malaysia)
Vile  (France)
Stubborn  (France)
No Heaven Awaits Us  (Poland)
Out To Win  (U S A)
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New pics : Questions

Radio 666

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. Ill Blood sweden hardcore | Sweden
. Portrayal Of Vengeance Heavy hardcore from Melbourne | Australia
. End Of One Metallic hardcore from NYC | U S A
. Isolated punk hardcore | Germany
. Questions Sao Paulo hardcore | Brasil

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. Radio 666 | France

More to come mouflon
Radio 666 's webcam
unity radioshow on air

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. Periferia  Hardcore Punk webzine from the Czech...
. Holding True  HOLDINGTRUE bandung city hardcore...
. - Stream and download,...
. Musik-industry  French punk/rock/hardcore/m
. Skartnak  Punk-Hardcore-Metal webzine from...

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