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DEAD AND BURIED | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Dead And Buried
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dead and buried
"The company i keep"
(Spook City rds)

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Hailing from northern Delaware, this 5 piece holds nothing back and never bothers to accept any negativity thrown their way. Doing things their own way since 2000, the band has begun to come full circle as of late. Signed in 2001 never releasing a demo but based on their exceptional live preformances, the band released the "Bloodless" full lengthUnsatisfied with it, they have moved on. Eliminating any weakness in the music that would hold them back, their sound comes crashing at you like a guided missle headed for an Iraqi barbeque. Heavy, raw and uncompromising are the first words that come to mind. Set for a late 2003 release, "The Company I Keep" stands to raise the bar for heavy metal-influenced hardcore.

» Country : U S A
» Hit profil : 1869

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