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108 | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  108 | U S A
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"Curse of instinct"
(Lost And Found rds)

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The number 108 has supreme significance in a variety of manners ranging from Eastern spirituality to references in classic literature such as The Odyssey. While such traditional applications remain just as relevant when applied to this unique number, a group of charismatic, feverishly intense aspiring Gaudiya Vaisnavas who just so happened to shell out arguably the most enigmatic hardcore concoction of the past two decades brought an even more dynamic meaning to this inscrutable integer.

Coming to fruition in 1992, the vital and absolutely compelling musical force known as 108 emanated as a direct mouthpiece for ex-Inside Out guitarist and Beyond bassist Vic Dicara (Vraja Kishor Dasa) to express his ideas about philosophy, spirituality and life. After some early struggles with a solid line-up, Dicara eventually hooked up with Ressurrection vocalist Robert Fish (Rasaraja Dasa) and the duo, along with a slew of other passionate instrumentalists

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» Hit profil : 2993

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