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Zero District  (France)
The Process  (Sweden)
To Kill  (Italy)
Proclamation  (U S A)
Cipher  (U S A)
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UNITYHXC.COM | Da almighty MCS Crew

Originally called Moufon Caribou Style, MCS was created in 2000 thanx to a group of homies which wanted their own crew with its own caracteristics.
The main goal at the begining was to organize Hardcore concerts in Normandy, in the city of Caen, in order to give a chance to the kids to discover Hardcore culture: bands, distro, violent dancing... Of course all these shows were made in the DIY ethic in order to keep an authentic aspect of Hardcore which means for us : doing everything by ourselves, no sponsorship, no commercial shit, no profit.
Members of MCS are mainly located in Normandy, but however some guyz from Paris and other towns joined us.

More than that, MCS has been represented by several bands such as Alienation, Seeking For Salvation and xBazookax.

As far as moshing and violent dancing are concerned, these are one of the main caracteristic of MCS, meaning going to hardcore shows, enjoying the pit and mosh everything up, but always in a friendly and respectful way.
In fact being in the MCS is more about friendship above all.

» MCS Crew past shows

MCS Crew event #1MCS Crew event #2

MCS Crew event #3MCS Crew event #4

MCS Crew event #5MCS Crew event #6

» MCS Crew hypocrite bastards

Crocmasta xGPx OdS xTonRx
ScouT RapthoR Baroness xDodgerx
xShckwVx Saboteur Barbar Toma
xPeusnoox Guillaume CC xHugox

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» Mouflon Streetpit #3

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