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UNBORN | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

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"Truth against the world"
(Lifeforce rds)

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Unborn were the first hardcore band in the UK to start playing Slayer influenced metal-core. The band was formed in 1994 by Patrick Rat Poole, Nick Royles, Andy Wright and Chris Meadows. A second guitarist was added with James previously of Neckbrace. James played on the first seven inch but was replaced by Chay from Bob Tilton and Tribute soon after. Neither of them ever played live with Unborn.

After a few shows in the UK, Chris left the band and was replaced by former Lifer drummer Craig Foden. As soon as Craig joined, the band embarked on a European tour with Feeding The Fire from the Netherlands. Due to logistical problems (the band all lived in different cities) it was another two years before Unborn recorded anything again, infact the band split up for a short time during this period but reformed with the same lineup. A four-song MCD was recorded for Lifeforce Recordings.

After the hiatus and the new release a new line up was created. This came in the form of new bass player Karl Fieldhouse, who at the time was playing in Canvas and later went on to play in Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon and Born From Pain. A second guitarist was also added with addition of Nigel Morton, a friend of Craigs from his days in Lifer after Nigel went for the job of guitarist with them. The new Unborn line up played together for the first time at the 1998 Goodlife New years Eve festival in Belgium. Over the next two years the old logistical problem reared its head again and the band played very few live performances.

This line-up eventually called it a day and after a brief hiatus Rat reformed the band with a new line-up and recorded a split MCD with Purification on Kerosene Records. Rat handled the vocal and drum duties, Pete from Last Chance, Walk The Plank, Cracked Cop Skulls and Safeguard played guitar and Tom O'Brien of Charger, Safeguard and Cracked Cop Skulls played Bass. Nick was actually away traveling while this line-up was active and recording - he wasnt on the split CD with Purification. The band split up again in 2004 having not played a show since 2000. The Final Unborn line up was Rat - guitar, Craig - back on drums, Pete - Guitar, Katie Hallam Bass and Nick Royles - Vocals.

Over the course of their existence Unborn played more shows in Europe than in the UK. In fact their first show was at the Geleen Hardcore festival in Holland. The bands debut release was a 7" on the band's own collectively run label, Sure Hand Records. Unborns lyrics always had a strong social/political propensity. The subject matter ranged from equality for women, anarchism, anti-homophobia and veganism.


Demo 1 1994
Demo 2 1995
EP 1995
MCD 1997


Stones To Mark A Fire
Means To An End

» Country : U K
» Hit profil : 1875

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