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UNIT 731
Unit 731
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"Time spent"
(Organized Crime rds)

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What can be said about SIDEWALK? They were a great band with an important message. You could generalize and say they were just a straight edge band but they were so much more. There are a lot of bands that have great music but empty lyrics. That can not be use to describe SIDEWALK. Not only was the music crucial but, so were the lyrics. The two combined together to whip you up into a positive frenzy. All the shows where good times and they made their mark on the crowd each and every time.

A SIDEWALK show was something to be anticipated all week. And no matter how bad your week was, you would be in a better frame of mind by the time the first note was hit. I will really miss that and am truly sad to know that it will never happen again. The song

» Country : U S A
» Hit profil : 2818

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