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SABERTOOTH ZOMBIE | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Sabertooth Zombie
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In the summer of 2004, a five-headed hydra was formed as a gift to mortal humanity from Mount Olympia. Each head possessed, and continues to possess, its own vile skill that enables Sabertooth Zombie to penetrate flesh and strike its sonic venom to the bone.

Cody spits gnarly tipped words that'll insert
themselves in your throat and refuse to let you
inhale. His penned lyrics will inspire and gut your
thought process. Jay and Eric's mouthes are filled
with six strings, that are plucked with the intention to sink the seven continents into Hades' Underworld.
Mambo's mouth is lined with four strings that throb in rhythmic ecstacy. Jason, the fifth and final head, snaps his jaw in time so that the other scale covered skulls can swiftly paralyze all victims in sight.

These five undead heads, with tiger talons, create the hydra that is Sabertooth Zombie.

The conquest of Sabertooth Zombie began with a seven song demo that was rooted in punk/hardcore. Soon after listeners ears began spinning in squares and a new unquenchable thirst was instilled when in 2005 Sabertooth Zombie decided to release a split and an EP. The split was with North Bay locals Jumpstreet and the EP, The Only Good Politician Is A Dead Politician, took their earlier grounded sound in a darker and heavier direction. This direction was paved in prickly shadows. The 2006 epic "Blood And Cum" (off
of a split 7" with Tiger Uppercut) brought seven
minutes of menstrual orgasm fountains. And now, with the most recent metal/thrash samples of what's to come, "Lady Death" and "Automatic Minds," the direction of Sabertooth Zombie could be anywhere that the five-headed hydra so desires and wishes to stomp into submission.

With a legendary live show that has resulted in death, carnage and sensual brutality, it only makes sense that Twelve Gauge Records and Sabertooth Zombie have joined forces to rein havoc with the continuation of Sabertooth Zombie's dynasty in 2007.

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