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RAG MEN | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Rag Men
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rag men
"Rag men"
(Gangstyle rds)

» Biography

When systems collide and coalesce over raging oceans to create one calamitous maelstrom, meteorologists call it "a perfect storm". It is a dangerous beast, crushing all in its path. In the world of hardcore, such a synchronous event of epic proportions, drawing strength from various and disparate sources, has combined to create "a perfect storm".a perfect storm dubbed RAG MEN.

A dynamic band hell-bent on creating a riotous cacophony that will put all others in their place, RAG MEN claims members in such legendary bands as MERAUDER (Jorge Rosado-vocals), SKARHEAD (Mitts-guitar), EARTH CRISIS (Ian "Bulldog" Edwards) and ex-Hatebreed ( Rigg Ross-drums). With such talented members, RAG MEN is unafraid to draw a number of different genres to create a sound that will grab the world by its collar and force it to take note. Though hardcore band at heart, this crew feasts upon the carcasses of a wide range of styles, such as hardcore-old school and new, metal, rock, and punk.

An "all-star" lineup in the truest sense of the term, this band is an awesome arsenal of sonic firepower. The recipe is staggering: the streetwise grit of SKARHEAD, the staunch conviction of EARTH CRISIS, the metal wizardry of MERAUDER, and the unequivocal ferocity of HATEBREED. Their collective years of experience have forged these men into a machine of consummate sonic havoc.

Hardcore is a culture defined by its might, and RAG MEN will come to show this scene what real might is. A wrecking machine of maximum destruction, this unit intends to lay to waste the weak, wary, and fraudulent.

» Country : U S A
» Hit profil : 2774

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