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PURIFIED IN BLOOD | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Purified In Blood
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purified in blood
"Last leaves of a poisoned tree"
(New Eden rds)

» Biography

Purified in Blood came to life in the beginning of 2003. Based on the west coast of Norway, these dedicated vegan straightedge kids is to credit for the growing scene in Stavanger/Sandnes. This metal influenced hardcore is what you get as these kids` first meeting with music came through Iron Maiden and Slayer. The message carried by Purified in Blood involves political matters such as human/animal liberation, anti capitalism, third world conditions another important issues that highly require the world's attention.

A lot has happened the last year for Purified in Blood. After many live shows (national and international) and a couple of demos released, things started to happen for the band. They've been twice in the US. As their EP "Last Leaves of a Poisoned Tree" was released, on New Eden Records(CA, USA), they went on a 3 week US tour to promote it. Together with Undying (US), Purification (IT) +++ they traveled from coast to coast and got good support. In October 2004 they went on a short Norway/Sweden tour and played with such bands as Most Precious Blood (US), Maroon (GER) and Destiny (GER). The EP has gotten some good reviews since the release. Purified in Blood is known for their high energy live act. They also recently won the national underground music contest for unsigned bands 2004 (ZOOM 04) and that has drawn a lot of attention to the band. This will open new doors for the band, in fact, it already has. In the future, Purified in Blood will continue their hard work with as much touring and gigging as possible.

» Country : Norway
» Website :
» Hit profil : 1775

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