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ON THE RISE | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

On The Rise
  » Releases :

on the rise
"Burning inside"
(Iscream rds)

» Biography

Coming straight out of New York's legendary hardcore scene, On The Rise has stepped out of the shadows, and into the limelight as one of New York Hardcore's premier bands. Gaining popularity since day one, this Long Island based quintet have only just begun their mission: to re-write hardcore history. Resting on the strength and integrity of their songwriting, as well as their explosive live performances, On The Rise has gained the support, admiration and respect of both devout hardcore listeners, and established, touring hardcore bands.
On The Rise have been playing an energetic, in-your-face style of hardcore since 1997. Since then, the band has been busy refining their own brand of emotionally driven hardcore music. Here in 2002, I Scream Records offers "Burning Inside", On The Rise's debut full length effort, a masterpiece of melodic hardcore fury.
While the line up of hardcore devotes who perform in On The Rise were never involved in any serious preceeding projects, a couple have gone on to join Agnostic Front (Mike - Bass), and Maximum Penalty (Steve - Drums). As impressive as that is, and as time consuming as those projects may seem, they still look upon On The Rise as their first and foremost project, in other words, their priority. Now, with a bulletproof lineup, this band is ready to show the world the electricity that is On The Rise.
On The Rise brings back the fast paced, melodic style of hardcore similar to the music played by Gorilla Biscuits, Underdog, Warzone, and many others of their time, while adding new dimensions of melody and power, previously unheard of on any hardcore release. Everyone in the band has believed that although the style of the music is a critical ingredient of Hardcore, it's the lyrics that indefinitely sets apart a "real" band from a phony. The lyrical content differs from song to song. For example "Dawn Of A New Millenium" is a vision of "Revalations" focused on ignorance of American society to the threats against national security, and the possibilty of eternal damnation of all humanity, while "Comotion" deals with a more social aspect of thinking, and calls attention to the "comotion" we often encounter in Relationships. Although the band puts a significant amount of effort into their lyrics, and the meanings of the songs, the music itself is still the foundation for all their tracks. One might say its half and half, but it really comes down to what type of input each member contributes whether it be lyrical or musical. It is this type of formula that makes On The Rise one of today's most determined, and promising hardcore bands, destined for success.

» Country : U S A
» Hit profil : 1783

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