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FRAGMENT | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

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(Voice Of Life rds)
"Angels never came"
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"Angels never came"
(Voice Of Life rds)

» Biography

Fragment formed back in April of '96 with its original members, Steve Provost, Jay Johnson, Jay Fox(of our conscience), Al Bigelow(fortydaysrain) and Mark Wood(lost in NJ). Fragment had a show after only 3 weeks of being together and it just started picking up from there. They called anyone and everyone who was setting up a show and begged to open up. Before all this Al was the only one with musical experience. The rest of them just wanted to play in a band. So there they were, hardly any talent but a lot of drive. All that drive led them to their 4 song demo that they put out themselves. They handed them out for free to anyone that would take them. Next Fragment put out their own 7" on Homefire Records. It was called "Nothing Left To Chance". All of it almost came to an end when at the beginning of fall '97, 3 members decided to do other projects. they chilled a little bit and picked up Chris Bloom on bass, Jeff Wheeler on drums and Jim Felix on guitar. Fragment has never sounded tighter and now feels they are going in the exact direction they All want to be going... With the new line-up, they went back into the studio to record their first CD "Angels Never Came" (PDR10). They came out of the studio with a masterpeice of hardcore/metal.

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