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DEFORMITY | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  DEFORMITY | Belgium
  » Releases :

"Murder within sin"
(Next Sentence rds)
(Goodlife rds)

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» Biography

Deformity was a superior metal band from the burning underground of Belgium. Somewhere in the summer of '95, four metal maniax started jammin' at Bolle's, their drummer. Those four were Bolle (drums), Wulf (bass), Lookmulle (guitars) and Gaze (guitars). 'Cause they sounded a bit too empty for a supreme metal-outfit, they recruted MichaŽl, former Congress guitarist. At last, the psycho`s message could be spread... In 1996 the band recorded a live demo in Dadizele, selling about 250 copies of it. In the spring of 1997, they've been offered a record deal on Goodlife Recordings. Their first MCD 'Misanthrope' came out in june 1997; 5 brutal songs about serial killers and UFO's. If you think that 1998 was a sabbath year, you're wrong, they went on tour in april 1998 (France and Switzerland) and they appeared on several compilation albums (H8000-comp., Goodlife-comp.,...). 1999 started very fresh for Deformity, they left Goodlife Recordings and they jumped right into the Studio to record their first full-length album entitled 'Murder Within Sin'. The difference between this record and 'Misanthrope' is big, very big,... not only musically but also the mood of the album, it's heavy, probably one of the heaviest albums ever to be released by a Belgian band. 'Murder Within Sin' was released on Next Sentence Records for Europe and by Blasphemour Recordings for the U.S.,... Blasphemour also put out a compilation in May of '99, were Deformity was featured by one song, called "33",... In October 2000, Next Sentence Records calls it quits,... Begin 2001, Lookmulle left Deformity due to throat problems, with Wolf replacing him as main singer. Nevertheless, Deformity kept on raging and sees this effort paying off in a record deal with Displeased, one of Europe`s largest metal-labels... In 2002, Deformity releases, the 2th full length record called, "Superior"! A record that's more brutal and agressive than anything they released before. In 2003, motivation became more and more difficult...Splitting up was the "painfull" result... -

» Country : Belgium
» Hit profil : 2753

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