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"Born of you"
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Culture began in 1993 with Mark Mitchell on vocals, Rich Thurston on guitar, Stan Obel on bass and Josh Williams on Drums. Almost immediately, Mark parted ways with the band, and Rich assumed vocal duties in addition to guitar. They recorded a four track demo, sent it to labels to get stuff released. Soon after John Wylie joined on second guitar, Pete Carreno replaced Stan Obel on bass and Shadow Records released two songs from the demo on a Self Titled 7".

Damien Moyal joined to handle full vocal duties, and Pete was replaced by Gordon Tarpley. In its earliest stages, the band had no vegan or straightedge agenda whatsoever. But soon into this newer line-up's formation, as various members' ideals began to take shape, certain common philosophies and ideals surfaced. Culture recorded a song for a split with fellow South Floridians Roosevelt on Intention Records, as well as several different versions of songs that ended up on the Born of You album on Conquer the World Records.

Not long after the release of Born of You, Damien parted ways with the band. To satisfy touring obligations, Jeremy Haynes and Louie Long stepped in for temporary vocal duties. Mark Mitchell returned as frontman in early 1996 and the band recorded the Deforestation EP for Catalyst Records. During this period, Damien co-founded Shai Hulud, and stayed fairly busy playing with them. John quit Culture, and he and Damien formed Morning Again, with Louie on drums. Damien left Shai Hulud, and Morning Again and Culture existed simultaneously as estranged sister-bands.

In late 1996/early 1997, a lot happened. Following some touring and Culture's move to Gainesville, FL, Steve Looker came in on guitar and Mark - again - left the band. Damien, who was now out of Morning Again, but juggling two new projects, As Friends Rust and Bird Of Ill Omen, rejoined the band once more, in keeping with Culture's ongoing tradition of fleeing/returning frontmen.

Almost immediately, Culture recorded songs for a split with Kindred, released on Good Life Recordings. Josh was replaced by Jason Dooley on drums, and the band embarked on its first European tour. Soon after the Heteronome EP was released, followed by the re-released Born of You LP, both on Good Life Recordings.

In late 1997, Rich left the band. Jason, not long after, stepped down from drums, and Tim Kirkpatrick (of Roosevelt) came in. Gordon moved to guitar, and Floyd Beckham assumed bass. This line-up re-recorded 5 songs from Born of You, along with a cover of Judge's "Fed Up" and new song called "Treating Myself to a Bullet." This release would never see the light of day. Joe Simmons (of Bird Of Ill Omen and Morning Again) replaced Steve Looker, in what would be the final line-up change. Culture toured the US and Europe once more in 1998, ultimately calling it quits.

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