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BURDEN | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  BURDEN | Canada
  » Releases :

"With every step forward"
(Dead Serious rds)

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» Biography

Formed in the spring of 1997, by founding members Jason Kolins(vocals), Sean Spear & Mike Orpen(guitars) and Mark Thomson(bass), to put together a fast, heavy, outspoken Straight Edge Hardcore band, with a personal, sincere and positive message. Although Burden started at a time when the Hardcore scene in Vancouver was all but dead, they (along with Dissent and Reserve 34), kept the small, but dedicated scene alive for years, continually building up and strengthening the foundation, for what the now thriving Vancouver scene, is built upon today. Playing locally constantly, and throughout the NorthWest and abroad, to establish their name, Burden was the first Straight Edge band from Vancouver, to make a mark outside of their hometown. In the seven years Burden was a band, they toured throughout Western Canada, did three Western USA tours, and two European tours, sharing the stage with many great bands like Trial, Strain, Bane, Ten Yard Fight, Fastbreak, Buried Alive, Reach The Sky, Commited, Brothers Keeper, One King Down, Carry On, Hoods, Shutdown, Throwdown, Eighteen Visions, Embrace Today, Himsa, Spirit 84, Poison The Well, Purification, Between Us, Unconquered, Caliban, Maximum Penalty, Built To Last, Countervail, Liar, Bleed Into One, Teamkiller. Black Friday '29, Downslide, Dead Scene Stars, Congress etc... Aside from appearing on numerous compilations world wide, the band had five releases, the "Chosen Path" demo tape in '97, the "Strength Of Conviction" CD and 7" in 1999, the "Vancouver Meets Kentucky" split CD with Automatic, as well as the bands only full length "If You Don't Stand For Something, You'll Fall For Anything" (12"/CD), which was released in 2001 on Germany's Dead Serious Recordings in Europe and Spawner Records in Canada. Burden

» Country : Canada
» Hit profil : 1764

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