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STATECRAFT | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

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"To celebrate the forlorn seasons"
(Goodlife rds)
"Until the darkness is gone"
(Life Sentence rds)

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» Biography

STATE CRAFT is the best of the few amazing new school hardcore bands from Tokyo, Japan. They deliver the most sincere and energetic performances in the contemporary hardcore music scene in Japan. The band has proven this throughout their existence with their positive action, as well as with their successful tour with FALL SILENT in August 2000 in Japan. Band history...STATE CRAFT was born in March of '95. Soon after, they released their first legendary demo "UNITY AND FIGHT" in October. They constantly played four to five shows a month, with such bands as SWITCH STYLE and NUMB. STATE CRAFT released their first single "NEVER FORGET" on SLAM RECORDS in August '96. With this debut single, you could clearly recognize the inspiration from bands like UNBROKEN, MEAN SEASON, EMPATHY, FALLING DOWN and VEIL. In January '97, the band released a split MCD with STANDING POINT from Hamamatu, again on SLAM RECORDS. STATE CRAFT sent this MCD abroad and snagged an appearance on the compilation album "OVER THE EDGE Vol. 3" on ENDLESS FIGHT RECORDS (USA), which came out in August. Later that same year, they recorded five songs, which were released as the "UNTIL THE DARKNESS IS GONE" MCD on LIFE SENTENCE RECORDS (USA) in May '98. The band never stopped garnering respect with each release and with every live show, going so far as to organize showcases called "UNTIL THE DARKNESS IS GONE". In June '99, the band did a split 7"EP with AFTeRSHOCK on DEVILS HEAD RECORDS (USA). In September, the band released a three-song CD single entitled, "EMBRACING SERENE MEMORIES IN THIS NOCTURNAL SNOWLIGHT GARDEN OF EDEN" on OUT TA BOMB RECORDS (Japan) These three tranquil songs with immaculate cover art attracted many New School hardcore fans. In January 2000, the band did a millennium split 7"EP perfectly, again with AFTeRSHOCK on DEVILS HEAD. Both bands covered SLAYER songs. However, autumn 2000 will be the least abysmal season for the band, with a crushing 8-song full-length album coming out on GOOD LIFE RECORDINGS.

» Country : Japan
» Hit profil : 2891

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