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SLICK SCRATCH | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Slick Scratch
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» Biography

Slick Scratch is born in 1996 in Tokyo, Japan, between 4 classmate girls. Each of them loved metal HxC, and facing the little number of girls playing it they decided to make the challenge of a "girl-only" band. They actualy know that there is few number of band with girl members, and also know the difficulties for girls to play in that sort of music. They aim to show the original sound that only girls can create and play. When the band was formed the members were totally beginners on any music instruments, but now the little girls grew up ladies and got many experiences & technics from people around them.

The core members of that time were Miho on guitar and Twizy on drums. A few time later Akko joined as a bass player but unfortunatly they couldn't meet stable members especially on vocals so the band stoped it's activities for a couple of years. However they loved too much metal and HxC to put an end on their passion. In 2001 the band restarted, and after some member changes "again" Koko joined on vocals. The line up is now composed of these 4 girls since 2005 and they're waiting to meet a second guitarist to finally have a stable crew.

Slick Scratch have done a lot of gigs in Tokyo, and released 3 EP. The last one was out in 2006, showing the band vitality after so much difficulties. The major parts of the lyrics are written by Koko, and deal with the strenght to be a mother and a women, finding hope in the abilities of everyone and how to deal with loneliness. Their musical style sway between metalcore melodies and new school hardcore breaks, all with a female style. The band wanted to release an album soon as a logical next step up.
Be aware of the new women power in HxC !

» Country : Japan
» Hit profil : 1447

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