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SAD ORIGIN | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  SAD ORIGIN | Belgium
Sad Origin
  » Releases :

sad origin
(Rpp rds)
sad origin
"A double edged sword in a triangle of emotions"
(Genet rds)

» Biography

SAD ORIGIN started as a band in the Summer of 1996. After the release of their demo they recorded their first digital child which came out on their own label, Inner Belt Records. They wrote harder songs influenced by NYHC and with lots of double bass. They managed to create a sound of their own and soon, their second child was born. The cd was entitled called 'adesiatoe' (Genet Records). They kept evolving musically and, in the making of the new songs they worked with new guitarwork, a piano and the voice of their new bass player. They recorded 4 new songs in the vein of Fury of Five, Length of Time and Irate and those came out on RPP in August 2000 as a split cd with Misura from USA. In the meantime, the Sad Origin members started a new project called Die... My Demon. This new band became soon even more successful than S.O. and today (2003), it's no lie to say that Sad Origin broke up.

» Country : Belgium
» Hit profil : 2540

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» Total added : 515


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