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RESTRAINT | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  RESTRAINT | Malaysia
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"Until the end"
(S/p rds)
"Pure from blood"
(Dyslexia rds)

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» Biography

*RESTRAINT* form originally back in the year of 2000, from the ashes of some well known Metal/hardcore bands in the nation who basically in just to create a new bandwagon with different sound, path and direction. Things when unlucky when the original line up of the band decided to call it a quits a year later prior to their high commitment for their main band, and this resulted Restraint as history on that time. 2005 creates a new beginning for Restraint when the original singer of the band has call up several mates to re-form this dead units, and when after writings a couple of new songs they were ready to play again, and to re-surface the band.

When most bands really manifest the metal influenced hardcore, Restraint went to a different path by re-inventing the intensity of 80s hardcore and mix it up with a modern heavy breakdown thus, re-define its as the new school of the new school hardcore; draw the influences from the likes of Terror, Hatebreed, Throwdown, Figure Four and even the legendary Earth Crisis in their shelf. After made a couple of shows since 2005, the band
really impressed many for their brutal delivery Hardcore and in your face lyrics dealing with loyalty, respect and dedication to their friends, family and the whole hardcore community for which to express their appreciation to the connection of hardcore family. Extension to this, they have described the lyrical path can easily connected with real life and not necessarily hardcore.

Despite their contrasting background and beliefs, the tight bound within RESTRAINT is a living testament of unity amongst diversity, which is essential in the hardcore scene.

With the future shine ahead, the band wont stop their struggle, pride and dignity from musical to lyrical forces. The music will growth, evolve and progress from time to time within the same roots and if one might ask about what is the motivation for them its basically simple: for HARDCORE, and that
will remain unchanged.

» Country : Malaysia
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» Hit profil : 4837

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