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PULLING TEETH | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Pulling Teeth
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pulling teeth
"Demo 2005"
(S/p rds)
pulling teeth
"Martyr immortal"
(Deathwish rds)

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» Biography

Pulling Teeth are a brutal metallic hardcore/punk band from Baltimore, MD.

Featuring former members of Slumlords, The Spark, Desperate Measures, and Never Enough, they play a furious style of metal influenced hardcore. Combining the classic power of Integrity and Poison Idea, with the apocalyptic heaviness of newer bands Cursed, Tragedy, etc.

Pulling Teeth released "Vicious Skin" on Chainsaw Safety/A389 in late 2006. The album was considered the sleeper punk/hardcore album of the year, receiving fantastic reviews from press worldwide.

In early 2007, Pulling Teeth released a split 7"EP with UK's Frightener on Dom's label, A389. The band then embarked on their second UK tour. After arriving home, the band once again hit the road in the U.S., where they plan to spend much of their 2007.

"Martyr Immortal" is their newest metallic hardcore masterpiece. Twelve songs that conjure the ghosts of classic bands Integrity and Left For Dead all the while adding their own unique spin on the genre. The band even paid homage to these influences by having Jeff Beckman (Left For Dead) create the artwork for the release, while Integrity vocalist/lyricist Dwid Hellion contributed musically to the release. To add even more to their list of A-level contributors, longtime friend and Pig Destroyer guitarist Scott Hull was brought in to master the album. The result is a heavier, meaner, and more abrasive release than anything out there today.

» Country : U S A
» Hit profil : 3863

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