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PROCLAMATION | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

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"Let the truth be told"
(Life Sentence rds)

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PROCLAMATION's first rehearsal was in late February of 1996. The original line-up was Mark on vocals, Matt on guitar, Dayton on drums, Chris on second guitar, and Jake on bass. The band's first show was on May 17th of that year, an opening slot for TEN YARD FIGHT. Shortly thereafter, the Proc entered Brian McTernan's noted Salad Days studio to record its self-titled demo cassette. Reactions were good, but over a 2-month span in late '96/early '97, 3 members decided to call it a day. Matt and Mark were still eager to keep going; so with the blessing of the other guys they kept the name and the existing songs, and pressed forward. Proclamation resurfaced in April of 1997 with the line-up that went on to appear on the Straight Edge Hardcore 7": Mark on vocals, Matt on guitar, Aaron on drums, Brian on bass, and Jason on second guitar. It was during this phase that the band first began showing signs of turning toward a faster, more aggressive sound. Bridge Nine Records, who had initially shown interest in the Proc on the merits of the demo, re-contacted them about the possibility of recording a release for the label; so, in November of 1997 the band recorded the aforementioned 7". It was at this time that Brian left to focus on his other band, THE TRUST, which later became heavyweights DOWN BUT NOT OUT. Jeremiah stepped in and became Proclamation's permanent bassist. This line-up played together for approximately 8 months, at which time Aaron and Jason moved to other parts of the country. At this point, a concentrated search for heavy-duty players netted Nate Straight, drummer extraordinaire from OPEN UP, and longtime band friend/shredder Lee "Cannibal" Corbin on guitar. The band dropped out of sight for months and recorded its CD, Taken By Force, before finally playing out again in April, 1999. This incarnation of the band proved to be the most stable, lasting about a year and a half until the Proc's demise in late 2000.

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