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OUT TO WIN | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Out To Win
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out to win
"Beg for life"
(Filled With Hate rds)
out to win
"Persist and destroy"
(Triplecrown rds)

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PA's metallic hardcore stalwarts, OUT TO WIN construct music that is inherently a reflection of world full of violence and revenge. The band shed many pretenses of the current aggressive music scene and decisively strive to represent "honesty and realness" as well as "integrity and brotherhood" with and ultimate work ethic and individualism that advocates "destroying everything in your way that opposes you"

The band details their history as follows: "We're not going to bore you with the usual crap that you read in other bios. So we'll keep this short and sour. OUT TO WIN formed from the ashes of MUSHMOUTH. We had a couple brothers join the band, a couple of assholes leave the band, and the threat of a lawsuit so we changed the name. The music is harder and more brutal. The live shows and crowd participation are crazier than ever. We make music that you want to hear. We make music that makes you want to look at the person next to you and hit him as hard as you possibly can. And that's what usually happens in the crowd during our live show. We are real and we're not going anywhere. If you want to go see or hear emo crap, this isn't for you. We're not going to list influences or any of that other shit that other bands do. We make hard music. Period. "

OUT TO WIN has released several records under the name MUSHMOUTH, and one CDEP as OUT TO WIN, for TRIPLE CROWN RECORDS. The band has most recently toured as part of the MADE CLOTHING tour along with TERROR, STRETCH ARM STRONG, and BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. Expect the band to continue pounding the pavement in 2005 and beyond. In January 2005, OUT TO WIN will begin recording their first full length under that moniker. Expect the release to hit stores via THORP RECORDS sometime in May 2005.

» Country : U S A
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