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INJURY TIME | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Injury Time
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Injury Time was a nameless project for a couple of years. Matty and DBS were looking to play some good old fashioned hardcore the way we like it: fast parts, breakdowns, solos and mean vocals.
It was more a concept than anything else with about 2 or 3 rehearsals with various different members that never really came to much. They' ve all been playing different bands for a while: Matty in Ninebar; DBS in Kartel and Maldito; and Rox, Si and Gibbons all played together in Maldito and the legendary 17 Stitches (one of London's finest punk bands in recent years).
With the demise of 17 Stitches in 2004, and having already played together with DBS in Maldito, it seemed the natural choice to link up and start bashing out some tunes. They recorded a 4 song demo tape in January 2005 that has received some very positive reactions. Atrocity Exhibition Records very graciously offered to press the demo onto vinyl as a limited offer with some awesome cover art, courtesy of Pete Bienge from BDF. The song 'No Surrender' is also available on the Ghost City Records comp "The Bitter Days Ahead".
In July 2005 they recorded 4 new songs for a split on Burial Recs with London's DENY EVERYTHING. Now they are looking to record a MCD for Rucktion Records, hopefully before the end of 2005.

» Country : U K
» Hit profil : 719

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