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IN DUE TIME | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

In Due Time
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in due time
"Back to basics"
(Strike First rds)

» Biography

In Due Time was born in November of 2001. We proudly call Jacksonville, Florida home. The band was formed with the intentions of making good, heavy hardcore, the way we like it, with no gimmicks or tricks, combined with bold lyrics and a message that is withstanding and true to our hearts. Strong faith in God, being yourself, especially in a scene where it is so easy to blend in, and staying true to what has been true to you is what we are all about. In our four and a half years as a band we covered the entire US through multiple tours, and released two full-length cds on Strike First Records. We were signed to the label in the fall of 2003. Our first record was called Back to Basics. The record contains ten songs that we wrote over the 2 years leading up to its release in March of 2004. Some of them were written at our very first practices and some days before we recorded the album. Until May of 2004, we were always a five piece. Unfortunately, at this point our former vocalist was replaced, rendering IDT a four piece. After this event, it was an immediate decision by the band for our guitarist, Trey, to take over on vocals, putting down his guitar. With this slightly new, but solid lineup, we finished our second full-length, Final Showdown, and it came out in the summer of 2005. Our approach to this record was to turn the notch up to ten, creating some of the heaviest hardcore anthems around with lyrics that reflect the struggles, losses, and victories that come with growing up while trying to stay true to your beliefs. After about a year of relative inactivity due to our increasingly busy schedules, we sadly decided to play our last show which was on May 27th, 2006. We wanted to end our band the right way and play alongside our best friends one final nite. We did just that. To put it shortly, it was a wild ride and the best times of our lives, never to be forgotten, with hopes (my personal hopes at least) to someday sit down and write another In Due Time song, but not for now. 904 Represent.

» Country : U S A
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