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HANDS UPON SALVATION | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Hands Upon Salvation
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hands upon salvation
"Celebrate the newborn"
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Formerly known as "Destruct" who has been in the scene since November 1998. Destruct was formed by Agus, Daru, Hery (ex-Diphterium Hate) and Desmond (ex- Scumbag). And then, the concept of being a metallic hardcore band was chosen. Since their first appearances, they've always had line-up problems. Some known names such as: Gembus (ex-Sabotage, now guitarist of MockMeNot), Konthel (ex-Sabotage, ex- Kowena), Levoy (drummer of Extreme Hate), Wisnu (ex-Pulsa), and Halim (guitarist of Cranial Incisored) have gave their hands to help the bands on stages throughout the years. Now after almost 4 years used the name "Destruct", they finally decided to change their name into Hands Upon Salvation. And this is their line-up now, they are: Agus (vocals), A'ar (guitar), Daru (bass), and Suryo (drums). Before this, A'ar also known as a guitarist for a "tough guy" hardcore bands called Dapperheid, while Suryo are also well known for his performance with his past bands such as Chaos Machine (HC), Fat Bastard (Crustcore), Malformed (Grindcore) and some other few names. Now besides drumming for Hands Upon Salvation he also known as a drummer for the band Morning Horny (melodic punk). The band stayed loyal with their first concept, being as a metal/hardcore bands. They are influenced by a lot of bands, almost all the members listens to a lot of different music and a lot of different bands/ individual artist. And of course each member has their own influence and their own favorite bands/ musicians. Musically, their songs are goes along with the same direction of Deformity, All Out War, Morning Again, Congress, Abnegation, and Day Of Suffering. While they still kept metal influences from bands like Slayer, Kreator, Sadus, Suffocation, etc. Lyrically they deal with few themes about their hope towards justice, equality, humanity, earth, nature, other species, and also about pain, desperation, love, and any theme they want to speak about. All written with personal feelings, personal point of view, and then blended with some dark elements. After reborn with their new names the band decided to record their very first demo in late 2003, and later this demo was released as their first mini album in 2004 by Diorama Records. With the increase of their mature age, and the more growing audiences to their performance, and the more recognition to their appearances, they seems to be develop naturally to draw more attention to the musical progression, performances, and the ethical choice they believe.

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