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GET LOST | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  GET LOST | France
Get Lost
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get lost
"Demo 2005"
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Get lost formed from the ashes of local oldschool heroes Last Quiet Time, with the motivation to bring back some fucking stomping fast & pissed oldschool hardcore back to Paris where metalcore and just plain metal runs galore. In a city where for bands to be popular they need to insult their audiences and bring a "nasty" atmosphere to their shows like spitting everywhere, playing in strip clubs, encouraging violence and beatdowns, we are here to bring back some sincerity and integrity, as well as the fucking fun! Where is enjoyment for the people you use as cushions when you spinkick into the sides of the pit? The girls you squash against a wall because you dont take care when running side to side, trying to look so tough?

We're sick and tired of those attitudes in the hardcore scene and we are going to fucking do something about it.

We are a straight edge band. It's important to us. We're not here to convert people, we're not here to create a big fucking movement, we're here to present an alternative. You may think it sucks, but we don't. And although we are pissed we always keep a positive outlook, because if you aim only to destroy, you suck. I guess you could say what we are trying to do is make you fucking use your head!

And now about the music? Well we live for oldschool hardcore through and through, and I guess that's what you could call us... fast posi but pissed hardcore, the way it was, the way it should be!

» Country : France
» Hit profil : 3276

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