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FINAL PRAYER | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  FINAL PRAYER | Germany
Final Prayer
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final prayer
"Right here right now"
(Let It Burn rds)

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» Biography

Having been friends for several years and gathering experience in bands like Battle Royale, Disrespect, Shortage and Lifeforce, for some local scenesters the time was right to bring the violence back to the dancefloor. And what better way to do this without getting hurt themselves than to form a band. They started jamming in 2003, with the aim of playing straight up, traditional hardcore with a progressive shape and the taste of major brutality.
With a few songs already written, the band welcomed a second guitarist into the fold, finally realising their visions of a massive sound, backed by some well structured songwriting and bonecrushing riffs.
The search for the perfect vocalist is never an easy one, so the band pursued an active rehearsal and songwriting schedule as an instrumental four-piece, whilst different vocalists were tried out. In the meantime they went to shows watching the moshpits to see who was pulling the hardest and meanest moves. When Steve Conquest was spotted performing feet first dives and generally causing trouble at a lame emo show, they new they had their man and thus the line-up was complete. Now it was time to unveil the name FINAL PRAYER and to unleash the beast onto an unsusecting audience.
In no time the vocals were added to the five songs which were put to tape just two months later by Our World Records. The result is their first demo entitled

» Country : Germany
» Hit profil : 3050

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» Total added : 515


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