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Edgewise was officially conceived in November of 1998. The group consists of Aaron Craig(guitar/vocals), Dave Jarnstrom(drums) and Scott Walters(bass). All three members are originally from lovely Mankato, Minnesota. Aaron and Scott have been in bands together on and off for the past eight years. Scott was first to make the trek into "The land of cheese and beer," when he began attending school in Waukesha at Carroll College in 1994.

Scott moved back to Mankato for the summer after his first year of school and joined Aaron in an acoustic endeavor called Cedar. It was then that Scott also began jamming separately with young Dave, whom he'd met flipping burgers at a bar&grill the previous summer. Cedar disbanded and Scott returned to school in the fall so things were put on hold.

After playing together for four years , Aaron and Scott had become an inseparable music writing team, and when Scott returned to Waukesha Aaron realized that he was not going to be content writing with anyone else. So, he moved to Milwaukee the following spring and he and Scott began writing again. They came up with numerous original songs while jamming in Scott's apartment, but were unable to find a suitable drummer to lay the foundation for their unique sound.

In November of 1996, Dave journeyed out to catch a Rush concert in Milwaukee and at the request of Scott and Aaron, lugged his drums along for a hasty recording session. All went well and the chemistry was definitely there, but alas, Dave didn't want to commit to a move anytime soon. Things were again put on hold.

Enter drummer; Charles Mayer. Taking a break from his current band, Buddah, Charles was looking for a new project. Joining Scott and Aaron, he helped to flesh out some more tunes until Buddha decided to give it another go. Now lacking a practice space and a full time drummer, things were once again brought to a halt.

Over the 4th of July weekend of 1998, Dave again came out to lend a hand in the recording of a new demo and began to seriously consider the move to Milwaukee. Unable to find like-minded musicians back in Minnesota, he finally decided to take the plunge in October and headed east. In a matter of months, the three had an impressive set of new material but no vocalist. After a very frustrating and unsuccessful search, Aaron was passed the mic and the group remained a trio. With the lineup finally set, the three decided on the name Edgewise and began to gig.

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