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As life drained away from hardcore, with more and more bands losing heart and trying to tailor their music to the mainstream and capitalize off its popularity, Cherem was a breath of fresh air for those that still cared. Formed in the fall of 2000, Cherem was a direct response to the lack of heart in a scene that had grown stagnant, and by early 2001 they had recorded their first four-song demo entitled "As The Truth Unfolds."

As drastic changes were occurring as a result of their dedication, the band knew that the message had to be taken further. One of the few bands left with an actual message, as well as being one of the only remaining Vegan Straightedge bands in the U.S., Cherem knew that they had a lot to offer the hardcore scene.

In 2003, Cherem self-released their first EP "In the Land of the Dead." Selling out of two limited pressings in a short period and touring the west, Cherem began catching national attention and were asked to contribute to a number of projects including a compilation put out by Resolve Records and a 7-inch, "In God We Trust," by Devolution Records. The 7", collaborating with Hip-Hop artist Foeknawledge, paved the way for another song on Foek

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