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ABSENCE | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  ABSENCE | Italy
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"Shall the sentence be death"
(Screams Of Salvation rds)

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» Biography

Absence was born in early 1994 when Fabio, Michele and Gabriele got together to give birth to the first italian all Vegan Straight Edge band. Things were not easy at all in the beginning cause people were skeptical about this idea that seemed way too radical for that time. Few were the bands in the world spready a militant message on animal/human and earth liberation. There was the Syracuse xCabalx scene with Earth Crisis, Green Rage, Contempt, Blood runs black and a few others through the world but even the hardcore scene was way too conservative to accept such a radical and coherent behavior. Absence started playing a few shows with this trio formation when Daniele came around. Things started pickin' up. After a few months Stefano came along too, so, there it was 5 Vegan sXe members together trying to push their ideals out there. Absence recorded their first demo at Stefano's house called "The epilogue of our pain". Soon after Fabio left to live in the States for a few month where he embraced the Hardline movement, gettin' in touch with people from Green Comunication, Destroy Babylon, Vanguard, Uprising Records... When he came back to Europe things started to be really serious. Show after show people were reactin' to Absence radical provocative message on stage. Fabio even wrote the first italian Hardline magazine called "War Bulletin" that Absence would had out at their shows. The band recorded their first 7" at Dracma records called "From The Bloodshed". Soon after they toured the UK where they signed for Screams of Salvation records, to put out their first LP. Absence recorded the full lenght with Daniele Giordano, Earth Crisis live sound engineer. Then Stefano left the band and Luca came along to play bass. After some shows another change occurred, in the meanwhile when Absence put out a MCD on Catalyst records. Guido joined the band to play bass. The band played their last show in Ieper in 2002. After almost 3 years of silence they're back with a stronger membership than ever. Fabio, the singer and Gabriele the drummer are the only original members. Now Luca play guitar while Lars plays bass. The name has been out there for so long that people now are thirsty to see the radical VEGAN STRAIGHTXEDGE in full effect one more time. They are ready rehearsing now and will soon hit your heart again! XXX

» Country : Italy
» Hit profil : 3715

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