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Blood For BloodBring It OnArkangelI Am Afraid To DepressDie My WillHentaiNo Guts No GloryAscensionSkycamefallingHatebreedThe Automata
  Hatebreed ''satisfaction is the death of desire'' | Victory records
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Fight Everyone  (U S A)
4 In Tha Chamber  (U S A)
Shattered Realm  (U S A)
Fragment  (U S A)
Die Young  (U S A)
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Stand Up  (2107)
Punk Hardcore...  (2384)
Cheeses Cats...  (2278)
No Brain No...  (2344)
Zikacaen  (1935)
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Punk-Hardcore-Metal webzine from Switzerland.
Punk, Hardcore, Metal in Switzerland, Booking, Live Pictures, Cd's Reviews, Live Reports, Interviews

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