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  Sworn Vengeance ''destroyer of worlds'' | Cynic Squad records
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Seeking For Salvation  (France)
Verse  (U S A)
Bloodties  (U S A)
By Virtue Alone  (U S A)
Leeway  (U S A)
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Brontak Zine  (2095)
Still Strong  (2101)
Fury Of Hxc  (2156)
Wasteland Zine  (1809)
Noise Academy  (2103)
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Dodgin Bullet
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Radio 666

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Czech Republic
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UNITYHXC.COM | Webzine : Hxcmusic Com

HXCMUSIC.COM | U S A - Stream and download, music, videos, movies, and we have more results than any other online music search engine on the net, make playlist, and more!

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