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973 CANAAN "Gehenna made flesh" (mcd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

From the self-styled 'straight-edge metallic hardcore band from the black heart of South East England", Engineer is proud to release "Gehenna Made Flesh". The long awaited re-release of the awesome xCanaanx's debut record and by far the label's heaviest, most mind-blowing release to date.

Doing the rounds for about 2 years now as somewhat fore-runners to the recent surge of straight- edge/metallic hardcore bands, this incredible band have achieved more than most do in double the amount of time. Establishing a formidable fan base across the UK and European scene and turning the heads of tons of hardcore label's, zines and kids everywhere. With a recent line-up change and an even more hectic touring schedule building, xCanaanx seem to be set for the chance they deserve to devastate the world with their intensely heavy hardcore and perfectly executed straight edge message.

When a band comes along that really have something to say and they can apply this to incredibly accomplished music you sit up and take notice. xCanaanx (the x's being a declaration of their straight-edge lifestyle by the way) go leaps and bounds beyond and leave you with no choice other than to stand back in amazement at their incredibly tight, technical yet moshy sound that defines the fineline between chaos and rhythm.

With harsh, angst vocals (the singer started to cough up blood during the recording!), pummelling blast beats that bring the likes of SLAYER to mind and powerful riffs akin to HATEBREED, there's no turning back once you"re absorbed by the sheer intensity of xCanaanx. Opening with the catchiest track on the record "Hollow Sky" you know you are in for a treat of some of the most exciting music you"re going to hear. With it's addictive "On your knees before a hollow sky" chorus build you"re only just getting over that when you"re blown away by the onslaught of the next track "Eighth Day Descent".

A breathtaking track based around verses lead by insanely fast blast beats that give THE SWARM a run for their money. The next two tracks "Immaculate Amongst Betrayers" and "Vae Victus" display the bands strength in nailing sweeping double bass pedal backed, dark and heavy sections to awesome rhythmic breakdowns. The last two songs are earlier tracks, their early anthem "Gehenna Made Flesh" and 'sworn Vengeance", which could easily be a band slogan.

These capture an earlier more metal side to the band bringing the likes of CALIBAN to mind. The record just seems to increase in aggression and power, or that's certainly the way you begin to feel as you progress through each song. xCanaanx are most obviously a straight-edger's paradise, with crushing music and a proud and clear self-belief.

Overall their lyrics, repeatedly confronting religion, corruption and self ruin, will provoke thought in any listener, something that is constantly reinforced as they seem to strike a chord in anyone and everyone that hears them.


1. Hollow Sky
2. Eighth Day Descent
3. Immaculate Amongst Betrayers
4. Vae Victus


Brutal Beatdown records
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