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CANAAN | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

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"Gehenna made flesh"
(Abstraction rds)

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xCANAANx formed in late 1999/2000 and shortly after recorded our first demo. This was limited to 100 copies and included three songs. These were Gehenna Made Flesh, Hollow Sky and Sworn Vengeance. Shortly after this demo was recorded our original bass player Charlie left and Richard joined.

With the new line up in place we started to play shows wherever and whenever we could. Bands we played with at that time included amongst others Disciple, One King Down, Bane, Brothers Keeper, Knuckledust and countless others.

Over this period we came in contact with Martin Robinson who was running the Abstraction Communications record label at the time. We discussed putting out a 7" with him and then went into the studio to record the tracks. However when the recording was finished it was decided that the tracks had come out much better than expected so the release was changed to a MCD including 2 tracks from the demo which had been remastered.

The recording was finished by the end of 2000 and the original release date was meant to be March 2001. However problems with artwork, mastering and printing made sure that the release didn't see the light of day until July that year. Throughout that time we'd continued to play shows and write new material.

Shortly after the MCD was released our original drummer John left and we started to search for a replacement. As I'm sure everyone knows finding any drummer is tough so we tried a few different people out and even recorded a song with our friend Anton who stood in to help us out. This song was released as a demo version on the UKHC compilation released through Blackfish records. In early 2002 we found Ross who became our permanent drummer. We then started to rehearse again getting ready to play shows since we'd be inactive for nearly 4 months.

Just before our first show with our new line up one of our original guitarists (Darren) left. This was probably the hardest point for us so far as a band. However after talking it through we decided that it would be a waste to simply split up especially after all the time and effort we had put into it.

Seeing as a guitarist is much easier to replace than a drummer we quickly rearranged the line up. Dan came in and took over the bass duties with Richard moving onto second guitar. Since then there have been no personnel changes and it's easily our most creative and solid line up to date.

With this new line up we started playing as many shows as possible to try and make up for lost time. Also due to problems with our original label we decided to repress our MCD through Engineer. We played shows all over the UK and also made a short weekend trip to Belgium. In Spring 2002 we started to write songs for our next release, a split with 30 Seconds To Armageddon.

The new material was completed quickly and we recorded the songs in April planning for an early summer release again through Engineer. However due to similar problems as those mentioned with our EP the record didn't come out until early October 2002. There was a release party for this in Canterbury which was an amazing show. Also on the bill were 30 Seconds, November Coming Fire, Reaching Forward and Himsa. At the show there were different versions of the split available with special release show covers. These were limited to 100.

At present we are demoing songs for our next MCD which will be released some time this summer. Also look out for us playing shows with Striking Distance, Give Up The Ghost (Formerly known as American Nightmare) and Madball.

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