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"Four songs"
(Contrast rds)
(Bridge 9 rds)

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Verse began as the side project of What Feeds the Fire front man Sean Murphy. The original line up featured Sean on drums, Eric Lepine on guitar, Mark Lennon on guitar and Matt Amore on bass (the band had yet to find a singer). Following the demise of WFTF, Sean moved over to vocals and Mike Hall of the Distance ( played drums. It was with this lineup that Verse released the "Four Songs" ep on Contrast/Double Down Records in the spring of 2003. The record was received well, and has been described as "teetering on the edge of desperation and anger, combining fast melodies with intense breakdowns. The vocal delivery is emotional and heartfelt with meaningful lyrics."

In August Mark left the band to pursue personal interests and in stepped Brian Wilcox who also plays guitar in another RI band called Rampage. Shortly after, Mike left the Distance, finally giving Verse the time and ability to tour more. With numerous weekend trips and east coast touring under their belt they are ready to enter the studio to record their debut LP on Rival, tentatively titled "Rebuild". Expect to see the band out on the road all over the U.S.A. in support of the record during the months following its release.

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