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TO LEARN | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  TO LEARN | France
To Learn
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to learn
"No war without tears"
(The Age Of Venus rds)

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TO LEARN is a new band from France. And we gotta say that it's been a while since a French band impressed us that much. Well known on the french scene (one member also performs in Right 4 Life) they are playing a crazy music that mixes influences as various as metal, old school hardcore, noise or even emo. Despite those many styles you can clearly notice by listening to their first MCD "No war without tears" that their interpretation is focused on Hardcore's rage and energy.

Concerning lives shows, TO LEARN has experienced enough stages to set on fire any place and any crowd. They already proved it while opening for great bands such as CRO-MAGS or even MADBALL, and for underground hardcore bands like GOOD CLEAN FUN or FOR THE LIVING. TO LEARN wanna keep an open mind and are willing to play in front of a lot of different crowds. And are also more than willing to play shows here and there all over Europe.

Gotta admit their name might sound a bit strange but it's far from being senseless. TO LEARN reminds us what is essential : keep on acquiring new knowledge and applying it on all levels of our being. This fits into a state of mind that want to be constructive et evolutionary, as nothing is forever granted ! In a more esoteric way, this name means re-learning something hidden deep inside each of us, our very treasure : the origins of life. According to the group members, it signifies the freedom of speech and the survival in a world where most of us are already dead as they hold back their feelings.

Still with this demanding attitude, TO LEARN shows that nonsense and chaos are reigning over our earth and modern western society. Their lyrics deal with our concern of our environment : psychological, social or even spiritual.

Today TO LEARN redefines their goals : make their music well-known to any kind of audience, and concentrate on the writing of their first full length album. So don

» Country : France
» Hit profil : 1427

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