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PREMONITIONS OF WAR | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Premonitions Of War
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premonitions of war
"Left in kowloon"
(Victory rds)

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Envision a brick wall charging at you at 100 miles per hour. Premonitions Of War is so much more than a band. They are a force. They are the ominous black cloud sitting above your head. With their take on metallic hardcore - more merciless, unbridled and infuriated than anything else in the genre, they are a humbling beast, battering you with a mess of low-end-heavy hardcore, grind and utter dirge that blasts right through you, caves in your face and stomps your remains to bits. Premonitions of War has a thunderous sound that brings to mind bands like Unsane, Soilent Green, Neurosis and Superjoint Ritual mixed with hardcore breakdowns and Allman-esque southern rock. They are a sonic paroxysm comprised of an unadulterated vocal uproar and a colossal wall of sound. Not since the demise of Carcass has the heavy music world seen a band as forceful in its ability to translate hostility and aggression into musical compositions - you are not prepared for this.

Formed in September of 2000, Premonitions Of War was manifested by three close friends, M. Gaytan (guitar), P. Meyers (guitar) and D. Schoenhofer (drums) who had been playing in bands together for close to four years. Their overall dissatisfaction with the hardcore scene and the world in general inspired them to create music that would incorporate all of their influences - from metal to rock to electronic and more- while keeping their feet planted firmly in hardcore. "We

» Country : U S A
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