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ODK CREW | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  ODK CREW | Belgium
Odk Crew
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odk crew
"Old school vs new school"
(Frosbite rds)

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» Biography

A few years ago, when the H8000 crew had one of the biggest & most influental scene in Europe, a few members of VITALITY & CONGRESS wanted to play something different then the typical H8000 sound, so they started a project called ODK CREW showing their love for old school hardcore. Main influences were JUDGE, CHAIN OF STRENGTH, INTEGRITY, O.L.C., SIDE BY SIDE, RISE ABOVE and other hardcore & punk pioneers. We played some great shows like H8000-fest and YPRES-fest and released a 7" called 'Old school vs new skool' on Hans LIAR's FROSTBITE/SOBERMIND records. But we had to quit because of lack of time, Bob and Mark released with VITALITY their 'Crucial Wires' cd on OVERCOME records and played al lot of shows and festivals all over Europe and Ill j drummer of CONGRESS one the biggest H8000 bands at that time together with LIAR, played more shows and festivals than ever. Hailing from Oostduinkerke, a small beachtown at the westcoast of Belgium, ODK CREW is much more than a hardcore crew, some of us have been friends for over 15 years. The main thing that bounded us was skateboarding, hanging out at the beach, music & going to shows. In the summer of 2005 we started talking about reforming ODK CREW, but now as a real band. In a hardcore scene dominated by metalcore & Beatdown we believe we will stand out, going back to the roots of hardcore once again, bringing back pure fast in your face hardcore with a positive attitude and message with old school singalongs. Nowadays most bands have a tuffguy image and nothing to say except how much they hate this and that. Hating is so easy, insted of trying to make a difference. We found a new singer in LIL WAYNE a local skateboard hero and ex-roadie of VITALITY. A perfect match, bringing his extra flavour and motivation to the band. In october 2005 we started rehearsing again, we played a couple of shows and in july 2006 we recorded a new mcd at Ak's studio (ex guitar player of VITALITY, now plays guitar in FORCED HATE & is sound engineer for BORN FROM PAIN, ABORTED, NAPALM DEATH,...) out now on INVIOLABLE records a new label, run by Bob and OG Troubles. For fans of DEATH THREAT, JUDGE, CHAIN OF STRENGTH, INTEGRITY, OLC, RISE & FALL, NO TURNING BACK

» Country : Belgium
» Hit profil : 1978

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