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MORNING AGAIN | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Morning Again
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morning again
"Hand of the martyr"
(Alveran rds)
morning again
"The cleanest war"
(S/p rds)
morning again
(Goodlife rds)
morning again
(Goodlife rds)

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ormed in South Florida in December of 1996 by guitarist John Wylie, Morning Again went through a few line-up changes before settling on the right members. Wylie initiated a strict and vigorous work ethic and needed to find players who had the same beliefs, wanted to play extremely heavy music, could tour at a moment's notice, and would dedicate themselves 100%. As they continue to do today, Morning Again set their sights on the biggest and best possibilities and would not settle for anything less. They wanted to make it known to the world that they had ideas concerning free thought, convictions about self- empowerment and non-militant beliefs regarding political and social issues. And they were going to voice them, provoke others to think, promote change through education and create awareness. Over the course of the last year and a half, they have done just that and so much more. "This band is as much about the message in our lyrics as it is about the music," says Wylie. Judging by their road trips, the band is as much about touring as it is about the music as well. In a short 18 months, Morning Again have covered an immense amount of ground, playing all over North America. With over 8 tours under their belt ranging from 1 to 4 weeks in length, Morning Again have more experience on the road than the majority of their hardcore brethren who have been at it for considerably longer. Shortly after releasing their CD EP, "Martyr", on Goodlife Records, the band toured all of Europe with Agnostic Front. They went over so well, Morning Again returned a few months later to headline a tour of their own. Seemingly overnight, these five kids from Florida had acquired a huge following, sold nearly ten thousand records and gained the interest of several different record companies.

To the best of my knowledge and collection, this is the full Morning Again discography: The Cleanest War - Conquer the World Self Titled 7" - Intention Hand of Hope - Goodlife Split 7" w/Shoulder - Moo Cow My Statement of Life in a Dying World 7" - Immigrant Sun Martyr - Goodlife You Who Are Guilty... comp 7" - Catchphraze Split w/25 Ta Life - Goodlife As Tradition Dies Slowly - Revelation To Die a Bitter Death 7" - Immigrant Sun The Fallen...The Few That Remain - Eulogy Hand of the Martyr - Eulogy

» Country : U S A
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