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Hailing from Syracuse NY, Godbelow is an aggressive outfit whose music is an infectious juxtaposition of bluesy, down-tuned metal with elements of hardcore, giving it a classic rock swagger. The result? A band whose sheer heaviness envelops you and is capable of making you forget everything except the overwhelming urge to shake the long hair in front of your eyes.

Not wasting any time, the band recorded a four song demo that quickly became a hot commodity and helped establish them as a musical force to be reckoned with. Their live shows became an intense display of burly guitar riffs and throat lacerating cries delivered with stop-on-a-dime accuracy. By early 1999, the band had inked a deal with Surface Records (who had re-released the four song demo as a 7 inch single) and were preparing to record their first full-length album. Soon after, Wiechmann amicably departed the band and was replaced by Ken Dunham (formerly of Syracuse death metal act Demomophile) In August of 1999, Godbelow entered Pyramid Sound Studios in Ithaca NY, to record their eagerly anticipated debut album Painted Images with the Blood of... an impressive, twelve song masterpiece of bludgeoning, groove-laden metal. A few months later, Wiechmann (whose stellar fretwork is featured on the album) rejoined the band, making Godbelow a three guitar line up which added a dense, yet orchestral quality to their sound.

The band is currently playing a multitude of shows which finds them sharing the stage with the likes of Meshuga, Inflames, Shadows Fall, King Diamond, Soulfly, Cromags. All Out War, Crisis, Skarhead and Buried Alive, making them a favorite with metal and hardcore audiences alike. You have been warned.

God Below called plenty of well-deserved attention to itself with its still-talked-about, three-guitar performance at HellFest 2000, essentially the Super Bowl of metalcore. This Syracuse, New York, quintet, featuring former Earth Crisis guitarist Kris Wiechmann, manages to be all things to all metalheads at once: Painted Images With The Blood Of makes effective use of melodic, Euro-metal dynamics - which should satisfy the purists who hate any ounce of bounce, groove and rap in their rock. God Below also has a subtle yet sludgy guitar tone similar to that of Crowbar. That - when combined with Daniel Johnson's distinct, Bloodlet-style screams, and metalcore breakdowns that could give All Out War a run for its money - makes God Below the next it band for fans of heavy fucking metal. Mop up your drool with "Still Not Quite Suicide," "One Person Plural" and "Three Seasons." An embarrassment of riches, really.

» Country : U S A
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