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FIRST BASE | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  FIRST BASE | Malaysia
First Base
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"Reach out"
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First Base is a klang(MY) based band and is still new in the scene since we only started on January 2007. Our line up consist of Daus on vocal, Keneth on bass, Chacha on guitar and Dean on drums. we have been playing in another band together but disbanded for another line up that has part ways with us. So to start things fresh again, First Base has been born. Every one in the band is currently playing in other bands also like xelevenx, Kids On The Move, Kias Fansuri, and helping out other bands too. First Base is a hc/punk band which tried to blend some new and old sounds of old school/hc such as New Winds, Champion, FC Five, Mainstrike, Verse and 80's hc/punk bands. with a passion to spread our message and our love to the scene we've released a 4 song demo called 'Reach Out' in february, our first attempt on making our first step in the scene. the demo is ditributed by by Hidden Value rcd(malaysia) Imaginasi rcd(malaysia) Townhall rcd(korea) Last Shot rcd(u.s.a) Eternalis rcd(france) and kawaii rcd(france). For the time being, we are recording 2 more tracks for a local compilation under UnitedXFront Records for "Voices Of Hardcore Comp" and planning for a split and an e.p for the future. we are planning to stay here for a long time so see us grow and watch out for us. we are still searching for more labels to distribute our stuffs. so just contact us for any information.

» Country : Malaysia
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