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DIAS DE AGONIA | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  DIAS DE AGONIA | Costa Rica
Dias De Agonia
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dias de agonia
"El renacer de nuestra venganza"
(Destiny rds)

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» Biography

During the past 6 years the band has been maintaining the Straight Edge,ecologist and conservationalist ideology, trying to create a true awareness in society and the planet, with lyrics regarding the doomed future of humanity unless people change their attitudes. Throughout time mankind has been digging its own grave, extinction will be the final result of its progress. We are living in days of agony, this is what is reflected upon the heavens of our dear Mother Earth. A call to freedom and a last hope is what we have in our lives, preparing ourselves for the final battle in the name of total liberation.

» Country : Costa Rica
» Hit profil : 1997

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