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Chariots formed in the first half of 2003 under the name Snow and Lights as a progression from earlier friendships and low key bands. After a few shows and a demo that only made it to about 3 copies we decided to change our name as the new songs seemed far more accomplised and powerful than what we had done previously. After playing just about everywhere that would have us, making lots of friends and releasing a couple of demos we got an offer to release a record on BSM. After much adversity we finally released 'Daybreak' at the end of 2004. After the release of Daybreak we had to take a step back from everything as we were all living at opposite ends of the country (Bath, Cardiff, Loughborough, Stanmore). It became increasingly frustrating and difficult to acheive anything. But through a lot of petrol and national express trips we managed to keep things going by doing a few tours in early 2005, notably our easter tour with This Mourning After. Following that tour we had planned to record five songs of completly new and cohesive material under the title 'The Inner Life'. However, the many ensuing problems ended with us disbanding rather than progressing and we all turned our backs on Chariots in order to carry on with our outer lives. For about eight months it worked. We succeeded in carrying on with other things with a vague ambition of recording those five songs as some kind of final testament. Then suddenly we couldnt do it anymore. With the addition of Matt Holden on second guitar and Dan Hoang as our new drummer we have finally recorded 'The Inner Life' and writen a new song for release. We have now also come to the end of our last tour as well as recording our last songs,we played our last show on the 11th of July 2006 in Newport and all that remains is to put out our EP and that one other song. We'll try and keep up to date with what is happening with releases.

» Country : U K
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