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BREAKDOWN | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

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"Plus minus"
(Kingfisher rds)

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Breakdown was formed in 1986 at the height of NYHC's time of innovation and popularity. They play in classic hardcore style with driving rhythms and angry vocals urging hardcore fans to react quickly and violently (if necessary) to all the repressive powers of the modern world while never becoming political. Their live performances are best described as chaotic and irate, leaving many clubs,pa systems, and people crushed in their wake. After releasing a 9-song demo in 1987, Breakdown began making regular appearances at clubs such as CBGB's, the Ritz, the Anthrax, and other popular clubs in the tri-state area. In late 1987 the original lineup dissolved (with members going on to form Killing Time) and a new band was immediatley formed. The lineups that have followed consist of former and future members of bands such as Maximum Penalty, Nausea, Lethal Aggression, Sub Zero, Leeway, Cro-Mags, Crown of Thorns, Skarhead, and District 9. In 1988, with the release of Revelations definitive hardcore compilation "NYHC - The Way It Is" (which included their song "Sick People"), Breakdown's popularity exploded. A true DIY band, Breakdown would make no comprimises and decided to release their material on their own which made it available only to the avid hardcore fan. Demos and bootlegs of Breakdowns material were available for free through a vast network of hardcore collectors and afficionados.

Towards the end of 1988, personal and health problems slowed things down a bit for the band. Frequent lineup changes hampered any organized effort to tour or release a full length record. This continued on until early 1994. During these times Breakdown released demos and appeared on compilations sporadically. Three songs appeared on the Blackout Records compilation, "Where the Wild Things Are". A reissue of the "1987 Demo" was also released in shortened form on a 7" ep.

Breakdown's lineup has remained steady over the last 5 years and things have started rolling again with the recording of the "Streetfight" demo which was recorded in late 1995 but never released to the public. Breakdown began playing shows regularly again and are currently working on a soon to be released 7" ep coming out on Eyeball Records. In addition to searching for a label to release a full length CD, Breakdown plans to tour the East Coast and Europe in the near future.

Over the years many hardcore fans, bands, and critics have paid homage to Breakdown for changing the sound of hardcore and directly influencing their musical style. Despite the many obsticles Breakdown has faced, they continue on stronger than ever and will continue to do so until the end of man's existance on Earth.

1987 - Demo
1988 - "New York Hardcore-The Way It Is" Revelation
1988 - "Running Scared" Demo
1988 - "Where the Wild Things Are" Blackout! 3-songs
1990 - "'87 Demo" 7"ep
1991 - Demo
1995 - "Streetfight" Demo
1995 - "Dissed and Dismissed" bootleg CD Lost and Found
1997- " Blacklisted" - CD E.P. (Eyeball Records)
1998 - Breakdown Live WRSU (Rutgers Univ.) - Special Forces Records - OUT NOW!
1998 - "Plus Minus" - NEW FULL-LENGTH CD!!! - (Eyeball Records-USA Kingfisher-Eur.)
1998 - ***upcoming*** Split 7" e.p. with 25 Ta Life (Eyeball Records)
1998 - ***upcoming*** "Plus Minus" on 12"vinyl w. 2 new tracks (Eyeball Records)
Breakdown was started in 1986, during the resurgence of the hardcore scene. Despite being a NYHC band, being based in Yonkers Breakdown didn't have the Lower East Side Crew-mentality of Warzone and Agnostic Front. By a similar token, unlike some of their other contemporaries like Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today, Breakdown was not a straight edge positive band. They are considered more along the lines of Sheer Terror for their more metallic sound and less-than-positive lyrics. However, Breakdown always had somewhat of a tongue-in-cheek element to them, mostly due to singer Jeff Perlin's humorous live banter and lyrics.

Contrary to popular belief, the original Breakdown lineup only lasted for less than a year. The band continued on with new members through 2001, with Jeff Perlin being the only original member. Notable members include Mike Dijan (Crown of Thorns, Skarhead, Laws of Gravity), AJ Novello (Leeway, Cro-Mags), and virtuoso drummer Lou Medina.

Through all the years Breakdown never did a tour of the U.S., concentrating mostly on the Northeast and Canada. They toured Europe twice (1999 & 2001) with European bands Rykers and Backfire. They also visited Japan in 2001.

Perlin most recently was the front man for Slumlords a Baltimore-based hardcore band that broke up in January of 2007. He is taking a break from music for the time being so he can coach hockey and spend more time with his family and new son.

Mike Dijan, Harry Kazakos and Lou Medina currently play in the female-fronted alternative metal band 'Laws of Gravity'.

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