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BOUNZ THE BALL | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  BOUNZ THE BALL | Austria
Bounz The Ball
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bounz the ball
"Companeros de vida"
(Rise Or Rust rds)

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» Biography

In 1997 two Grazian bands split up. Four former members of these groups decided to found a new hardcore band called "UNION", which was influenced by bands like Biohazard, Madball, Stuck Mojo, SOIA... Unfortunately, the music of the brand new band did not sound the way they imagined it to sound. It lacked "something". A few months later another band called "Chaos Clan" fell apart. Its lead singer and guitarist, all in one, was hoping to join a new gang of musicians. As an UNION's members' old pal he was soon accepted by the group and became its frontman. Finally - the missing link of chain was found, the circle was closed, the puzzle was completed. The change of the bands sound, style and name was the birth of BOUNZ THE BALL.

After only a few weeks of practising, tuning in their instruments and adapting their voices, BOUNZ THE BALL performed their first live gig at the Brainpain in 1997. Surprised and impressed with extremely positive reactions of the audience the band realized they could work together pretty successfully. From then on BOUNZ THE BALL went through numerous live shows were their nasty beat and hard chords made the audience mosh the pit. In the year 2000 their first full-length debut album "Companeros de Vida" was recorded. The dye was cast.

On 1st of Febuary 2001 "C.D.V" was released. With a little help of clowns and artists the one and only "Grazian Hardcore Circus Show" was done. Unforgetable! So many (inter)national shows were played to promote the record. The band worked out some new songs for new projects. In the year 2002 the band decided to record their new songs to reach the next level and find new label partners. The songs were recorded in Febuary 2002 and were mixed in march 2002. BOUNZ THE BALL, and two DIY labels like RISE OR RUST Rec. (Aut) and HORRORBUSINESS Rec. (Ger.) released the new five track masterpiece on 15th of August 2002. They called these old school masterpiece WHEN WE WERE KIDS... and is one step forward for the GRAZIAN HARDCORE GODFATHERS. Those songs are the futurehyms for the next pit and lyrical battlecries for a brand new revolution. More music in the songs and more heart - core in the lyrics made us hungry for more. In the years 2003/04 the ball rolled through whole Europe. Countries like Germany, Suisse, Holland, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and we usually tour the whole year. Festivals like SUCKS

» Country : Austria
» Hit profil : 2666

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