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BLADES OF UNITY | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Blades Of Unity
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The band were formed in 2001 as a joke. We wrote a few songs and realised we were more of a joke than originally planned. We recorded three demo's, 'Takin' Niggaz To School', 'Superfist' and the one with Osama Bin Ladens Cat on the sleeve, well we thought it was funny at the time. Our good friends from London, Matty, Brandon and Pedro at Rucktion Records offered to release a CD of our shitty hardcore songs about revenge killings and acting hard. 2004 saw the MCD 'Backpack Full Of C4' rocket into the Rucktion Records best sellers list (yeah!....honest!). The band is made up of various idiots from different parts of the North West of England (Liverpool and Chester). Clearly a ghetto band with a 'Hollyoaks In The City' type thugness. Known for messy drunken live shows and shit talking in all formats, it's clear we are one of the most pathetic bands in the north as we associate exclusively with gully retards and coke sluts and expect nothing less. The band is driven by alchohol in ALL it's forms and of course a lot of Class A's and plenty of weed. Ironically, the bands hatred for internet nerds and shit talkers turned both vocalists into just this. No stranger to the message 'YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM THIS FORUM' Spurred them to pen the tune "March of the wifebeaters". This song now has legendary status (well in Craw's head it does anyways!). The band briefly split in 2005 due to Mugsey developing what is known as 'The JESUS Complex'. Back for duty in 2007 and minus a guitarist, Blades Of Unity are here to ruin your shows, drink your bitches and slap your booze around the face for our blow back! If you have a problem? And the problem is AIDS then we can help

» Country : U K
» Hit profil : 1094

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